On Love and a Note

There is a pink post-it stuck to the side of my computer. It is the color of my 1989 Barbie convertible and it curls at the edges because I've had it for so long. I even brought it home with me from my office in case I needed it during quarantine. It reads: I'm known … Continue reading On Love and a Note

On Love and Pop-Tarts

"Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad! Can I have a pop-tart?" I was bouncing on the balls of my feet, leaning on the kitchen counter as he washed the dishes from dinner. My legs were going a mile a minute while staying rooted in one spot in anticipation. I, of course, hadn't wanted a … Continue reading On Love and Pop-Tarts

On Love and the Educational System

"...and equitably speaking, it's abysmal. The system is failing them. Our children are being left behind." I had pens lined up along my college adviser's desk, modeling the achievement gap due to summer learning loss and income inequality. My hair was falling out of my ponytail and my brow was unnecessarily sweaty. She blinked at … Continue reading On Love and the Educational System