About the Disaster

My name is Mary and I’m fantastically normal. I’m in that painfully boring, tragically poor stage of my life where diets are less about vanity and more about the inability to purchase bigger pants. I gather that when I am somewhere between 32 and 41 I’ll appreciate this time of my life and even have a little nostalgia for when Ramen noodles and tap water were the hors d’oeuvres at my house warming party.

You’d think I was particularly enthralled with love based on the title of my blog (Love in the Time of H1N1), but instead I think I’m more enthralled with the title of my blog, than love itself. In fact, I’m not the hugest fan of love and I like irony. So together, I approve of this message.

Aside from being glaring contradictory and rather unstable, I am fun, enjoy the hilarious and like to make up things to describe myself that make me sound like an interesting person.

Note: If you’re looking for the endless supply of Grandpa stories, I promise you can still find them here: http://forgettingalzheimers.wordpress.com/


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