On Love and Curvalicious

I’m going to do that thing you’re never supposed to do. I’m going to say that I hate bridesmaid’s dresses.  I can specifically say this because the bride and groom of the wedding I’m in next weekend would have allowed me to show up at the altar in a potato sack.  Not only that, but […]

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On Love and Unwanted Advances

[Hey there, hi there!  This is my potential trigger warning for survivors of sexual assault.  Nothing too graphic, but it is still discussed.  Take care of you.] “So,” Lorelai* started, “I got a little too drunk last week.  The kind of drunk where you really don’t realize it until the next morning?”  She ended on […]

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On Love and Mountains

“The mountains are calling and I must go.”   This phrase has been flooding everyone’s Pinterest and Instagram, since…well…the dawn of Pinterest and Instagram.  I, myself, have probably pinned it 3-7 times during those dark twisty periods when I felt like running away from all my problems would be fun and/or feasible.  It is the […]

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On Love and the Virginia Mary

“What about Kyle?” This is anywhere from the first through third question people have asked me when I have told them I am taking a job in Virginia.  It makes sense.  Kyle is the most fantastic man to have ever loved me, soooooo… yea.  What about Kyle?  But also, can we…can we just…can we just […]

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On Love and It Gets Better

I remember being somewhere in the middle of high school and lying under the pool table at my friend Elli’s house.  We were, of course, having the time of our lives, laughing and eating the worst pancakes I’ve ever had (sorry Elli).  We talked about college, and our various trips to D.C., France, Ireland, and […]

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On Love and What’s Next?

In the next few months I could be moving out of state, or just moving down the road.  I could take a job in Chicago, or find something stable here in Dayton.  There is absolutely no script for whatever happens next.  This doesn’t make a lot of sense, really, because I am everyone’s favorite cruise-directing, list-making, […]

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On Love and 2*16

I recently obtained some incredibly insightful advice from one of those Facebook reposts that has been copied and edited so many times it’s a little blurry and sort of looks like it came from the mid-90’s.  This is, of course, where I get all my good advice, and is maybe why my life closely resembles a victim […]

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On Love and Puzzles

Years ago, we were all crowded around my grandparent’s dull-gray folding table, working on this puzzle.  Maybe not this exact puzzle, of course.  This one I found at Second and Charles, a discount store that happens to sell, of all things, used puzzles.  God knows why anyone in their right mind would buy a used puzzle, except […]

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On Love and Faith

My flight included cookies. And pretzels. And a Diet Coke. Which sealed my fate as completely dumbfounded and eternally grateful for pretzels and cookies and Diet Coke and the immense amount of carry-on space that was clearly well planned for a flight this size meaning that no one had to put their carry on baggage in […]

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On Love and Redacted

“In the morning I’ll be with you But it will be a different kind I’ll be holding all the tickets And you’ll be owning all the fines” -Skinny Love 365 days sounds like half of the title of a terrible book. “365 Days to Dental Health” “365 Days to Find God” “365 Days to a […]

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